What is a Tribal Education Advocate?

The Tribal Education Advocate (TEA) works with parents, in each of our local schools, as a support system when issues arise with their child's education. This can cover areas for attendance, IEP, 504, Special Education, grades, bullying, suspension/expulsion or any meeting that the parent would like assistance and support with. We encourage parents to contact our office with any questions or needed information.

The TEA attends each Indian Education Committee (IEC) meeting. Within these parent-ran committees, the TEA assists the IEC in parent rights and responsibilities of guiding and running the IEC. The TEA also keep parents informed of issues facing Indian families in the local schools along with referencing resources to parents. Any parent who has children attending the schools are always encouraged to be involved and join the IEC meetings. If you have any questions regarding the IEC's, please contact the Tribal Education Department at (406) 675-2700.